Meet Terry

The Adventures of

Terry the Pterodactyl

The Adventures of Terry the Pterodactyl is a series of children’s stories that all families can enjoy – children and parents together. They are stories about the joys of parenthood, the challenges of bringing out the best in our children, and the celebration of triumphs, both big and small, that ultimately make us who we are – forever family.

The Adventures of Terry the Pterodactyl was born out of experiences with our youngest son, Michael Lamar Peoples II. Michael’s favorite pastime has always been reading and he has an affinity for dinosaurs. When Michael was presented with restrictions, he would belt out a scream that we thought sounded very much like a Pterodactyl. One day, Michael’s father began calling him “Terry” every time he would scream. The name took on a life of its own and so the adventures began. Michael has proven to be a special child indeed and he has brought a tremendous amount joy to our lives. He is the youngest of the Peoples bunch – three brothers and three sisters.


This ever-evolving series will include stories that every family and every culture can identify with, and I hope they will resonate with you and your family for generations to come!

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